Only receipts that include meals suitable for immediate consumption can be approved. Not eligible for reimbursement are pantry purchases, alcohol, tobacco products or other items that are not food. More detailed information can be found here.

A receipt must contain the full name and address of the supplier, the date of issue, the quantity and customary description of the goods supplied or the scope and nature of the other service, the remuneration and the tax amount for the supply or other service in one sum and the applicable tax rate or, if applicable, a reference to a tax exemption.

The meal benefit can generally be used anywhere and is not limited to partner restaurants or stores. The meal must only meet the requirements of immediate consumption, be consumed on a workday, and the receipt must include all required information.

Yes, handing in more than one voucher for one working day is possible. 

Refunds for approved meals are usually made in the following month.

Yes, the self-consumed meal can be marked directly on the become.1 platform in the editing mask or described via the input field. In case colleagues share a receipt, the receipt can be handed in multiple times and marked accordingly or entered in the text field.

Receipts can be submitted until the 3rd day of the following month.

Budget that is not used up at the end of the month expires and cannot be taken to the next month.

No, the employer does not have access to the documents handed in. Only in the event of a tax audit, become.1 allows the relevant authorities access to the receipts.