Within the become.1 Goodies application and the „Available“ tab, simply select the respective voucher and confirm the redemption.

Once an available voucher has been redeemed, a .pdf document of the original-voucher will be sent to your email address.

So that your personal interests can be met when creating a voucher, a selection on your part is necessary.

If you have not made a voucher selection for the following month, you will receive a voucher according to your employer’s default setting.

Until the 3rd last working day of the current month, the voucher selection for the following month can be adjusted.

Usually, the original vouchers are issued within a few minutes. Depending on the respective provider, delays may also occur – however, original vouchers are delivered after 3 days at the latest.

The vouchers from our partners are digital vouchers – meaning they are PDF vouchers or voucher codes.

I can redeem my available vouchers for original vouchers up to 12 months after allocation.